Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Old Theaters - Artwork of Anthony Ross

2010 may be the hottest year on record. Many of us had days this spring that felt like summer. Some in the Gulf Coast are braving the oil slick just to cool off. Those not near an ocean or lake will be hitting the pool. There is another favorite pastime to beat the heat. It doesn't even require getting wet. Watching movies. Movie theaters were among the first industries to install air conditioning. When the heat was bad it probably didn't matter what was showing. Most of the beautiful old theaters are a thing of the past. The multiplexes and megaplexes of today are air condition but they just aren't the same. The neon lights and Art Deco style of the old cinema is still present in the artwork of Anthony Ross. I was amazed to find some of his reproductions at Zazzle.com.

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