Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday-Lonely Teardrops

Ok this post is pretty late in the day, but that's Monday for you. Actually that's just me. I'm about as organized as a room full of squirrels on caffeine. Anyway I thought it might be nice to finish your Monday with some good oldies music.

For the first song I've chosen Lonely Teardrops sung by Jackie Wilson. Looking it up on Wikipedia shows some cool trivia I had never heard before. This song brought in the bucks used to form Motown Records! Here is a quote.
"Written by Berry Gordy, Gwendolyn Gordy (Berry's sister) and Roquel Billy Davis, going under the pseudonym Tyran Carlo, the single, alongside Wilson's debuting five consecutive singles between 1957–58, turned Wilson into an R&B superstar and influenced the later careers of Davis, who joined the staff of Chess Records while Gordy used the money from the song's success to form Motown Records within a year."

How cool is that? Well I hope you enjoy the music and maybe this will become a weekly post.

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